There is perhaps no greater feeling of accomplishment that any individual can experience than the knowledge that they’ve made a truly positive difference in the life of a child. Empowering.
is dedicated to providing services and education that help children reach their potential. Because all kids are great kids. Relate and Grow

We EMPOWER caregivers to
ENRICH the development and learning of their
child through ENJOYable intensive interactions.

At Relate & Grow, we understand the varied experiences that parents have as they begin to recognize their child’s unique development
and needs.

The birth or adoption of a child is one of the most amazing miracles to experience in life. We as parents welcome the child with open arms, and a heart full of love and dreams for their future. We imagine a child who will grow to be happy, kind, successful, smart, loving, able to build meaningful relationships and maybe eventually have a family of their own. But sometimes, the child that we receive is not the child that we imagined.

Their development may not be happening as expected, they may have trouble communicating, connecting with others and making friends, they may be hard to soothe, irritable, hyperactive or difficult to engage.  They may have difficulty learning or appear to not have interest and curiosity for the world around them, and their behavior may be challenging, unpredictable or appear strange. All of this can be overwhelming, and we can feel a sense of loss as all of our hopes and dreams for our child seem to be shattering. We begin looking for answers, wondering where to turn for help, how to best support our child and whether they will be able to lead a fulfilling life.

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“Every single human encounter is an opportunity to create a template of positive human interactions.”

– Bruce D. Perry

Relate & Grow provides developmental intervention services, educational consultation and professional development training that aids families and other caregivers, such as schools and daycare providers, in helping children reach their potential.

What We Offer

Father Helping Daughter With Homework

Why DIR & the PLAY Project:

Our services are based on the DIRFloortime (Developmental Individualized and Relationship-based) framework of Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder, as well as the PLAY Project Intervention model developed by Dr. Richard Solomon. These evidence-based intensive intervention services have been shown to be effective for children with autism and other developmental differences.

“You don’t teach development, you discover it!”

– Serena Wieder

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