“Nothing feels better than being understood”
– Stanley Greenspan

We Offer:

DIR Consultation at Home and School including The PLAY Project and Teaching PLAY

We help families, teachers and other caregivers learn methods and techniques specific to the child’s profile that will help them to positively impact their development and learning. As the child grows and changes, so does the training and the approach.

Consultation typically includes:
  • DIR training including the PLAY Project (for home) or Teaching PLAY (in schools and centers)
  • 10 to 12 visits per year provided by a licensed DIRFloortime, PLAY Project or Teaching PLAY Consultant
  • 3 hour sessions (include modeling, coaching and feedback)
  • At least 1 caregiver is required to participate in each visit
  • Video recording of sample DIR and PLAY interactions
  • Written plan and feedback for each visit
  • Intensity: Together, parents, caregivers and PLAY Tutors provide 20 hours a week of one on one playful intervention.
  • Parent support and education groups

Consultation for Schools

  • Teachers and other classroom personnel receive training on how to apply DIR/PLAY principles within their specific classroom environment.
  • Training focuses on the teacher/ school personnel’s ability to informally assess the Development and Individual Differences of the children that they serve and on techniques to encourage functional, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Educational Consultation Services

  • Assistance with creation of IEP goals
  • Supervision and tracking of IEP
  • Consultation at home or school
  • Integration of IEP goals into home programming
  • Curriculum Planning

Individual Therapy Services:

  • Speech and Occupational therapy services can be provided at home or at school

PLAY Tutor

PLAY Tutors can help families increase the amount of 1 on 1 intervention a child receives to ensure intensity. A PLAY Tutor can work with the child on functional, developmental, social-emotional and academic goals within all natural settings including their home, school and daycare. PLAY Tutors receive PLAY Project and DIRFloortime training specific to the children they tutor and they track progress on IEP (Individualized Education Program) and IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) goals.

Play Groups

Play groups are available to help children work on their individual social and communication goals in the context of peer relationships.

  • Availability and locations vary. New groups can be formed in your area.
  • Peer interaction is encouraged as well as developmentally appropriate structure
  • May include “peer models”

Community Workshops

  • Workshops for parents on topics related to development and Intensive Developmental Interventions.
  • Topics and locations vary. Join our mailing list to receive notifications of our offerings

Funding Options

  • Private Pay
  • Autism Scholarship Program
  • Local county board funds such as Family Resources in Franklin County and Delaware County Local Funding

Parent Support and Education Group

  • Lead by a Consultant or Supervisor knowledgeable in DIR/Floortime and The PLAY Project. Intended as a way for families to meet each other, ask questions, and share ideas.
  • Specific topics are offered as a means to jumpstart discussions.
  • Please call the office at least 1 day before the meeting to let us know you plan on attending. Childcare can be provided on-site with advance notification by the Monday prior to the meeting date.

Hourly Consultation/ Educational Consultation Services

Consultants and staff are available for services on an “as needed” basis including:
  • Observing the child at school or day care
  • Providing I.E.P. goal suggestions
  • Advocacy at meetings regarding the child
  • Attendance at team meetings
  • DIR and PLAY Project training for caregivers “as needed”
  • Online video reviews and feedback sessions

Cross-disciplinary Team Coordination

  • Communicating with other professionals working with the child and coordination of team meetings.
  • Consultation from professionals with expertise that is relevant to specific needs of the child and incorporating suggestions into the child’s daily program

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